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Get 4 Kinky Punishments For 1 Low Price! Valued at $44.85 – saving you 30%! If your lover’s been bad, then you need to punish them. And this …

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Get 4 Kinky Punishments For 1 Low Price!
Valued at $44.85 – saving you 30%!
If your lover’s been bad, then you need to punish them. And this kinky kit comes with everything you need to lay down the law! The Sex & Mischief Sweet Punishment Kit includes:
Fur-Lined Handcuffs
Being restrained is a traditional punishment as well as a central element of bondage. And nothing says kinky fun like a pair of metal handcuffs. These handcuffs fit easily around your lover’s wrists or even a bedpost. The cuffs come with a removable fur lining. Leave the lining on if you need to gently introduce your partner to bondage and then take it off when you’re ready for edgier games. The cuffs come with keys for roleplaying, but they also feature a release lever for your safety. Made from nickel-free metal.
If you need a stronger punishment, there’s nothing like a good spanking with a paddle. Simply bend your partner over and give them a fun whack with this kinky faux-leather paddle. The paddle delivers a satisfyingly loud smacking sound along with a gentle sting. One side is plain black, while the other features a large “XOXO” cut out. Made from vinyl.
Padded Blindfold
Being unable to see is one of the strictest punishments around and a fantastic way to spice up foreplay. This softly padded blindfold slips over your lover’s face, leaving them completely in the dark. This forces your lover to focus on their other senses, making even the slightest touch feel incredibly erotic. Not being able to anticipate your actions makes everything you do a complete surprise, which heightens the experience even more.
Dominant/Submissive Agreement
The ultimate punishment involves submitting completely to your partner. Based on the same contracts you’ve read about in best-selling erotic novels, this agreement outlines the different responsibilities of the dominant and the submissive. Learn all about the master and sub relationship and decide if you want to try it. Then customize the contract as needed to fit your lifestyle.
Batteries: No batteries required
Brand: Sportsheets, Sex and Mischief
Colors: Black/Red
Features: Fetish
Gender: Male, Female
Material: Vinyl, Nylon, Polyester, Nickel-Free Iron
Power Source: No batteries required


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