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The Ultimate BJ – We Guarantee! Sucks Up To 109 Times A Minute For Amazing Oral! Promising you the one of the best oral experiences you’ve ever had …

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The Ultimate BJ – We Guarantee!
Sucks Up To 109 Times A Minute For Amazing Oral!
Promising you the one of the best oral experiences you’ve ever had isn’t something your friends at Adam & Eve do lightly. But after seeing how this machine works and listening to our sex toy testers, we’re positive that this sex machine will blow you away (pun intended) with its amazing power, intense suction and oral-like sensations.
And if this ground-breaking sex machine doesn’t perform up to your standards, you can return it under our Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. But you won’t. Because the Hummer Hands Free Masturbator really does deliver the ultimate BJ.
Pulsating suction causes the masturbator to move up & down your shaft hands-free
Create your ideal hummer with 5 intensity levels & 5 speeds – resulting in 25 BJ styles
Operates up to 109 suction impulses per minute for amazingly intense oral pleasure
Masturbator’s opening feels like a pair of lips, while the snug sleeve feels like a throat
Remote control lets you change the pace and intensity without missing a beat
Sleeve measures 6.5 inches long by 2.9 inches wide with almost 6 feet of tubing
Hummer weighs 1.5 pounds, making it much more portable than other sex machines
Made from high-grade silicone, body-safe TPE & ABS plastic
Electric-powered Hummer works with any standard U.S. wall outlet
Sit back with your favorite movie or just close your eyes and let your imagination go wild as the Hummer Hands Free Masturbator gives you what our sex toy tester called “the ultimate BJ!”
This ground-breaking sex machine uses an extremely high-powered pump to create intense suction, whenever, wherever and however you want it. By rapidly turning the suction on and off, the machine causes the masturbator sleeve to automatically move up and down your shaft all by itself. (This is why it’s called a hands free masturbator.) It feels so much like a real BJ that it’s almost scary… scary awesome!
To sweeten up the deal even more, the Hummer features multiple pleasure modes so you can create your perfect BJ. There are 5 different intensity levels – ranging from soft and gentle suction all the way up to “golf ball through a garden hose.” There are also 5 different speeds, which control just how fast it goes. At maximum power, it can deliver 109 suction impulses a minute for a truly mind-blowing experience that will leave you seeing stars!
You can control the intensity and speed separately, giving you 25 different BJ styles. You can mix and match the settings to recreate your favorite oral techniques or develop new ones you’ve only dreamed about! It’s like an oral-sex menu, and each option is even better than the last. You can even get it extra-sloppy if you want, just add some more lube!
While you can control the Hummer sex machine directly, it also comes with a handy remote for your convenience. That way you can sit back & experience all 25 BJ styles one after another without missing a single, sloppy second.
The Hummer’s Realistic-Feeling Sleeve
All that suction power would go to waste without a great sleeve. And the Hummer includes one of the best masturbator sleeves we’ve ever seen! The sleeve is designed for maximum movement, allowing it to move up and down your shaft and even squeeze it as well. This is the ultimate BJ after all!
The sleeve’s opening features a nice soft entry that feels like a pair of lips wrapping around you. The snug-fitting sleeve with integrated penis ring mimics the sensation of a lover’s throat taking you all the way down… and then down some more!
As a bonus, the sleeve even glows in the dark for fun under the covers. Watching the glowing stroker slide up & down your shaft is like a psychedelic dream come true… and it even feels like one too!
How to Set Up & Use Your Hummer Hands Free Masturbator
Painstakingly crafted from the carefully designed packaging down to the sleek, minimalist design of the high-performance motor, the Hummer is one of the first luxury sex machines made exclusively for men. And that same attention to detail makes the Hummer incredibly easy to set up and use.
When you open the box, plug the motor unit into a nearby electrical outlet. Then connect the hose with the protective filter in place to the motor and the sleeve. Lube up your erect shaft and slip it inside the sleeve. Then use the remote control to turn the Hummer on for hands-free pleasure!
When you’re finished, take the Hummer apart again. Carefully wash the sleeve in warm, soapy water before drying it with a clean cloth. Then it’s ready for another round… and another one… and another one…. And maybe you can squeeze in one more before calling in sick to spend all day with your new best friend.
Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.
Brand: Vedo
Colors: Black
Features: Stretchy, Open-ended, Textured, Sucking Action, Glow in the Dark, Multiple Speeds, Remote Control, Electric
Gender: Male
Length: 6.5 inches
Material: TPE, ABS (plastic)
Width: 2.9 inches


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