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Lube Up & Sink It In –– For Quick, Efficient Ball-Draining Release! –– A Reliable "Gentleman’s Friend" Always Ready In Any Time Of Need! The easiest sex toy you’ve ever…

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Lube Up & Sink It In –– For Quick, Efficient Ball-Draining Release!
–– A Reliable "Gentleman’s Friend" Always Ready In Any Time Of Need!
The easiest sex toy you’ve ever used is also the most satisfying, just don’t forget the lube!
Stretchy male stroker/sleeve/masturbator
Inside lined with sensual bumps for extra stimulation
Reversible & open ended for more control, variety and easy clean-up
Made of flexible TPE, ready to accommodate any size
A nice and thick 5 inches long, 2 inches wide
Best when used with water based lubes or gels (many available here at Adam & Eve!)
Here’s a hunk o’ love ready to soothe any man’s most basic needs and desires –– discreetly and on-demand.
It’s simple. Just lube up your shaft, enter this thick stroker slowly at the tip, then slide in and let all 5 inches envelope your tool. It’s hungry for stiff wood –– ready to take what you’ve got and make you feel great in the process.
Its interior channel is lined with bumpy textures that feel sensational with every pull & push you can give it. Pace yourself, as you’ll want to enjoy every minute! Give yourself a visual treat by viewing your favorite erotic materials or just close your eyes and focus on your latest fantasy. Ah, sweet relief is on the way! Just remember, the more lube you give The Groove Tube, the groovier your explosive happy ending will be!
Your Groove Tube Stroker is open ended. Pinch the open end shut during your session for fantastic sucking sensations that will feel like non-stop oral action! The Groove Tube is also reversible –– turn it inside out –– and experience a slick, super-smooth stroking experience (great as a warm up to the Main Event!).
It’s easy to get more than your money’s worth from this simple, yet effective sex toy with some simple post-game clean-up. When you’ve completely depleted your desires, take your Groove Tube over to the sink and flush it out with warm water & mild soap. Let it completely air dry before putting it away. Now it’s ready for next time, looking and feeling as good as new!
The Groove Tube Stroker is recommended for guys who want to get the job done. Keep a Groove Tube in your nightstand, travel bag, car, truck, boat or shed for a satisfying flick of the wrist. Couples can add the Groove Tube to foreplay for hot, sexy fun, too!
Batteries: No batteries required
Colors: Clear
Features: Stretchy, Waterproof, Open-ended, Textured
Gender: Male
Length: 5.25 inches
Material: TPE
Power Source: No batteries required
Width: 2.00 inches


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