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Breaking News: Now Big Dudes Can Get Even Bigger! Use This Penis Pump To Boost Your Size And Enjoyme…

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Breaking News: Now Big Dudes Can Get Even Bigger!
Use This Penis Pump To Boost Your Size And Enjoyment: Being Big Is Fun!
Free Silicone Penis Ring Included
Keep a good thing growing with this specially-designed, extra long, 11" deep, 2.75" wide penis pump! Simple design works flawlessly –– just squeeze the pump bulb and watch your erection grow through clear black ABS plastic.
Extra long penis pump measures 11" deep, 2.75" wide
Simple design works every time, just squeeze pump bulb
Soft silicone insertion sleeve for comfortable, airtight fit
Safety release valve
Chamber is calibrated so you can measure your progress
Includes informative brochure on penis pump techniques
Free silicone penis ring included
Measure your penis growth progress with calibration that’s already marked on the chamber. A soft silicone insertion sleeve assures you of an airtight fit, plus there’s a quick release valve for extra comfort.
After you’ve pumped, use the free silicone penis ring that’s included to keep you harder, longer.
How does a penis pump work?
A simple concept: by creating a vacuum, more blood circulates into the shaft of the penis, enlarging its length, width and shape.
Why would I use a penis pump?
There are many reasons to use a penis pump. Answer your curiosity as to how large you can get, for starters! Other benefits include:
Treats erectile dysfunction
Delays ejaculation
Penis enlargement
For longer, harder erections
Improve sex appetite and desire
Overcome fatigue
Deal with stress
Purely for pleasure – also great with your favorite adult content, like DVDs and streaming
The most important thing to remember is to take it nice and slow as you pump. You want to enjoy the experience and give your body the time it needs to react to the pumping.
The Classic XL Extender Pump is recommended for larger guys who want to have a comfortable and rewarding penis pump experience. Couples can have a great time with it too, as he gets bigger for more fun later!
Brand: Shots America, Pumped
Features: Sucking Action, Hypoallergenic
Gender: Male
Length: 11.0 inches
Material: Silicone, PVC
Width: 2.75 inches


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